Our coffee beans are selected from coffee farms around the world to bring you a variety of the best beans available on the planet.

We source organic and conventional beans from small and medium sized farms from Peru, Guatemala, India, Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Sumatra. We searched long and hard to find the very best beans grown in different climates and soils, harvested and dried in different methods allowing us to offer our customers a range of flavors that will delight the senses.

Our beans are then roasted to perfection right in the front of our store in our top of the line Diedrich Roaster. This roaster was made in America and is regarded as the best of the best from coffee aficionados. Our roaster is roasting almost daily to bring our customers only the freshest coffee that money can buy. If you’re lucky an

d come in at just the right time, you can buy beans that are so fresh, they are still warm!

Take our beans home whole, or grind to you desired consistency at our grinding station.

Our signature roast is Midnight Joe, a blend of three dark roasted beans for the ultimate intense coffee experience. Midnight Joe is named after the uncle of our Co-Founder, John Boccuzzi.



Meet Midnight Joe

Midnight Joe marched to the beat of his own drummer and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t accomplish. From late nights fixing big rigs and racing fast cars to spending days with his three beautiful daughter- there was always one constant….that cup of “Joe” in his hand. This artisan roasted coffee from BD Provisions also marches to its drummer. Roasted locally to ensure fresh, bold, deep flavors that remind you of what an amazing cup of coffee was meant to taste like. And just like “Midnight Joe”, this coffee will kickstart your day or night so you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Try some today!